Q: egr valve blows a hole makes load noise and slows car down to about 40 miles and hour on 2001 Ford Escape

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egr valve blows a hole , makes loud noise and slows care down to 45 miles and hour, every time care is turned on and wont go over 40 to 45 miles an hour. we have replaced egr valve twice.
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Clogged rear exhaust manifold/catalytic converter assembly..creates too much back pressure and blows out the egr...
Unfortunately the Escape has 3 ... yes 3 Catalytic converters. The first two up front are actually built into the exhaust manifolds and are an integral piece of them because of the way the flange is connected to either of them. The EGR valve on yours is fed from the back (firewall) manifold. The cheapest I have found is around 300 to 350 dollars and they are NO FUN to get to if you plan on doing this yourself. All my luck to you.