Q: drivers window wont roll up on 1998 Ford Taurus

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my drivers side window went down like normal today( its a power window) I had the other windows down also, all the other windows went up , but the drivers side window will not go up how do i fix it??
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It can be the main switch or the motor itself has failed and you can sometimes get the window to roll up by holding the switch in the up position and bang on the inside of the door panel and it could jar the motor loose or you can find a shop here and check window motor prices here
That worked!!! We banged on it a couple of time and up it went. Thanks a bunch
thank you ,
the strangest thing happened I went out this morning to take it to the shop and pushed the button the window went up took it to the shop they checked it out , and found no problems , they said to bring it back if it happens again,thank you so much for answering me back i really appriecate it thanks again
I am researching this.....In my ford explorer there is a relay under the door handle that only controls the function for the auto down feature. Hitting the door can be jiggiling the relay to make it work. I replacer my relay at the junk great now.