Q: drivers window on 1995 Lexus LS400

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when ever i go to unlock my driver side door the window rolls down and keeps going down until i put my key in the ignition what can i do to stop that? is it a sensor or something like that wrong with it? the window works fine its just when i put my key in it automatically rolls down then when i put my key in i can roll it back up just fine
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The problem most likely is in the drivers door module logic. Both the power window and door lock circuits communicate thru that module, along with the theft system. A corroded ground or wiring issue for that module could cause the problem or possibly the module itself.
How would I go about checking this myself? I couldn't find anything in my manuel. I also don't have a security system so maybe when someone took it out they messed up the wiring? Which now makes my window go down when ever I put my key in.??
You could try unplugging your drivers door module which is in the the drivers door and see how the system responds. Most likely your window will not work at all as well as the door locks, but it would give you a place to start. To fully diagnose the module/system would require equipment and information that you will most likely not have access to.