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Q: Driver window won't auto-raise when door is closed. on 2002 Jaguar XKR

My door windows drop about 1/4 inch, as it should, when the door handle is manipulated to open the door. When the door is shut, the window no longer raises to normal closed position as it did before. Is there a common, or simple repair?
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I had the same problem and to remedy the problem lower window to bottom and hold button for 7 seconds and then raise it and hold for 7 seconds. what your doing is called "re-learning" the unit and it will be ok. This was on a 2004 xkr , hopefully they will be the same.
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Wow. I had the same problem on my 99 XK8. The 7 second up and down procedure worked perfectly. The driver window reset and now operates normally. Can't thank you guys enough.....
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I asked a friend that works on a lot of Jaguars. He suggested to try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes (make sure you have the security code for your radio) then pulling the drivers door window switch all the in the up position hold for a few seconds then apply hte switch all the way in the down position and hold for a few seconds this is supposed to re synchronize the door switch, Lexus and Toyota have a similar type was of synchronizing there window switches after glass or motor replacement on some cars.
It probably means that your battry is in need of replacing. I have had a Jaguar XK8 since 1999 and have replaced the battery twice. Each time the symtoms that led me to replacing the battery was opening the door and upon closing the door the window would not go up.
Once you do repalce the battery you will need to relearn the windows. To do that you need to press the down window button and continue holding the button in the down position for 5 seconds. When you hold the botton to raise the window you will also need to hold the button down for 5 seconds after the window is raised. That shold solve your problem.
I know this thread is a bit old but it is still accurate.
My problem (1998 XKR)started with a window that would go down and not up. That fault turned out to be the connector into the window motor which had just bad contacts on it. I shoved some small bits of stiffish wire into the plugs sockets, (Cheaper than a new connector) and then jammed the connector back together again which solved that problem but alas whilst the window was open, the car was out in the rain. This (Due to the softtop drops water right into the mirror switch which caused the switch PCB Vias to burn out. That meant opening up the switch (which comes out easily if you read the various instructions for it) Open it up on the bench as there are lots of small bits and springs that will fall out..hehe.
The vias were blackened and I took the opportunity to repair them and clean the whole pcb and rubber contact pads with a bit of alcohol. Reassembly is fiddly but not impossible and fairly obvious, just get the small plastic cross aligned properly before assembly.
Reinstalled and then I had the window going down but not up when I opened the door. But you guys solved that issue so everything is now working again... Woohoo, Now I just need to dry off the carpet...boohoo
Brilliant guys'll! Had the problem this morning on my '98 XK8 convertible and solved this afternoon. Thank you.
both my windows on my xk8 would not go up. Just turned the key on and rolled both windows down for 7 seconds and up for 7 seconds. works great now.
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