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Q: drive cylce on 2004 Hyundai Sonata

My car will not pass NY emissions test. The readouts say OBD monitor readiness status: catalyst not ready, oxygen sensor not ready and oxygen sensor heater not ready.I 've been told that the drive cycle needs to be reset, but no one can tell me what that is. Can you please tell me what the correct drive cycle is?
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Hyundai's have really odd drive cycles. A drive cycle is a structured test drive where the computer tests all the of the Emission Components and Systems in a step by step process. You a can go to the Hyundai web site and look up the drive cycle information for your specific car. One of the most reliable ways to do a drive cycle is to let your car sit over night and then start it and let it idle for 2-5 minutes then drive the car in city traffic and then take it out on the freeway and drive it between 55-60 mph as steady as you can for about 7-8 miles, shut it off and then do it again. Not 54 or 61 mph. The computer is really fussy . Leave the A/C off. I do Emissions work in Calif and I do this stuff every day but I find that many areas of our country are not very savy with this stuff. Good Luck!
Hi, Dan - thanks for all of this good info. I looked on Hyundai site for a drive cycle and even called Hyundai USA, and they were not able to provide a drive cycle for my 2001 Elantra. The fellow spoke with the local dealer here in San Jose, CA and was told that sometimes the dealer cannot even get this problem resolved, and have to send the customer to the DMV referee to make an exception (which can only be done once, if they will do it at all). Do you know where I could get an accurate drive cycle for this model car? No DTRs (problems) on report, just showing oxy heat sensor and something to do with A/C "not ready", for months, hundreds of miles and 8 trips back to the shop to see whether it's "ready" yet. Thanks for any information you can provide. Grrrr...soooo frustrating!! :)
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