Q: doors lock automatically on 2006 Toyota Camry

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after getting out of car-- approx. 3-5
mins later, doors lock automatically.
sometimes this happens- other times not.
how can i fix this?
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I haven't read the manual in a while, but you can set the responses using a multiple of on/off swithches with the ignition key. There is a default that occurs when opening the trunk and other automatic locking. Sorry I haven't got the answer but lookin your user's manual!!
Did you ever get an answer for this, my camry is doing the same and I have been locked out twice now.
No answer- to fix for this problem.
(wife's car) She makes sure she has keys/remote when she gets out of car. To make sure the remote wasn't activating
spontaneously, we started using a different remote-- no
change. She parks the car in the garage-- a few minures
later she hears doors locking. (sometimes)