Q: Doors Lock Actuator Keeps Going out on 2008 GMC Yukon Denali

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The automatic door locks keep failing. I have had all four actuators on each door replaced several times. What is the problem??? Is there a recall?
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i have the same problem with my 08 yukon xl , i had all 4 replaced and now drivers door broke again, do u have any updates on this problem?
There is a recall on several gmc vehicals. The electrical system is bad. Gm web site say take it in to the dealership and they will fix it free of charge. My passenger lock stopped working now the driver side quit, I have to take it in.
Where are you seeing the recall for this? It is not listed under any GMC recall. The only recall is for the windshield washer fluid heater. Also, if you want your complaint heard, GMC does not have any interest. This is a money making machine when everyone gives in and takes it for repair without being heard. The dealer makes money and GMC makes money.
Go to and files your complaint stating it is a safety concern. My child almost fell out of our moving vehicle by being able to open the door due to a door lock failure. His seatbelt was the only mechanism to keep him from being killed.
I have also had the door lock actuator go out on all four doors of my 2008 GMC Yukon. My dealership replaced three of them free of charge, as the vehicle was under warranty. They would not honor the warranty on the fourth one, even after I argued that this had to be a flawed part. They wanted $300 to fix the actuator on the fourth one. My son bought the part in Oklahoma City and we installed it ourselves, but I am really ticked that the dealership would not fix it free of charge. I just had another one go out on one of the locks that they had already fixed and I am going to take it back to see if they fix it free of charge since they had already replace it once. This vehicle has 52000 miles on it, and has had five actuators go out in three years of driving.
Hi I have the same problem with my 2008 yukon and no way I am giving GM the satisfaction of charging me again for fixing the actuator on front passenger side. I would like to ask you how to take the door panel off to get at the actuator. I took it of my 2005 yukon xl but I don't know it's the same way and would not want to screw up.I would really appreciate any advise you can give me Thanks. Regards ...................Joe
I'm on my third door lock plus now the interior :"chroming" on the drivers door is peeling making it as sharp as a knife!! My car is out of warranty so I've paid for both of these repairs out of pocket. My repairmen says he has done several doors on these models - GM should do a recall!!
Your Denali should still be under warranty ( 3yr-36,000 ) . I would complain to GM about this. This could fall under the lemon law i.e 3 failures in the same system. As to what it could be, who did the diagnosis on your GMC? Maybe they aren't really dialed in to the real problem and are just replacing the parts that break and not the cause?
Best of Luck!\

I did find some info on these GMC Yukon Denali Door Lock problems. Apparently there is a known pattern failure with the wiring harness that causes the the door locks, power windows, stereo speakers and courtesy lights to burn out repeatedly. GM knows about it but have not yet 'stepped up' to stand behind their poor design.
According to a Lemon Law Attorney, owners of these Yukons DEFINITELY have a Lemon Law case and should pursue it. Best of Luck!!
I had this happen to my driver side door summer 2010. I was a few miles over my warranty but the dealership honored it and fixed it anyway. Now my backseat driver side lock has failed! I already know I will have to come out of my pocket to get this one fixed! There is also a problem with the outside door handles becoming separated from the vehicle when you open the door. I called the dealership and they said that yes they had seen several vehicles like mine to have that problem too. But, once again there is no recall listed for this either!...GM needs to do better than what they are doing!
I had 3 actuators replaced in on yukon 08 in set 09 and the 4 th just went. gm won't replace because out of warranty! the last gm car I buy.
I've had the same problem with my 2008 Yukon. My dealer said no recall. Also be careful if you have a remote starter. The car will start with the remote and the door can still be unlocked.
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