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Q: dome light on 1996 Honda Civic

My 96 civic's dome light will not work with doors. Comes on fine with switch. The door switch turns off the buzzer, when ignition key is in. Any ideas
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I believe there are 3 positions for the dome lamp switch. "On", which should turn the dome lamp on anytime, "Off", which would not allow the dome lamp to operate at any time, and "Door", which will turn the dome lamp on whenever a door is opened. It sounds like you may have a problem in the actual dome switch, if you say that the buzzer goes off when the door is shut. If the buzzer turns off, it would seem to me that the door switches are okay, you may simply have a poor or worn out contact between the connections at the dome switch. If you try wiggling the switch between "off" and "door" with the doors open and the key on does it light up? Sometimes applying force to the switch in directions other than the normal way the switch is operated will reveal worn out contacts. Hope that helps.
Thanks, Nice GTO by the way!!

I have tested switch with ohm meter, seems fine. I agree door switches seem to be good. Hard to follow wires, thinking bad ground some where.
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Thanks for the complements on the Pontiac, it's actually a Tempest though, but it's hard to tell from the picture. So I did a little more digging and this problem could be slightly more complicated than I first thought. I have looked over the wiring diagram and have found multiple reasons why you are having the problem that you describe. The biggest issue for now is I need to know exactly what model Civic you have, LX, DX, EX, etc.. Also, does it have a moonroof? Was this vehicle built for sale in Canada or the U.S.? Does the vehicle have an anti-theft system from the factory? See what I mean? The wiring diagram goes in a few different directions depending on what you have, but one other question I have is, does the dome lamp operate from any of the other doors opening?
I know the car is a LX. Says canada on door jamb tag. There is a switch on all four doors. I did notice that there was a alarm system. Not sure if it was factory. There is a little red light on l/s dash, disconnected. Also, there is 6 tapped into wires,where something was removed. Pwr/grd are two of those. Two, when touched with test light work the pwr door locks. The other two, I have no idea. The horn/siren is still under hood, disconnected. Thanks again for your help, I know it is not easy when the vehicle is not in your possesion!
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Yes, you are correct, it is not easy without having the vehicle in front of me, but I try to help when I can. I myself was actually surprised with how many options there are when looking at the wiring diagram. Did this issue just recently come up? Did this issue by any chance coincide with any other services or repair that was performed on the vehicle? I see one other thing that may be an issue, if the vehicle originally came with a keyless receiver unit, which seems to be part of the audio unit package, that unit may have malfunctioned. I'm sorry to say that I probably can't get you much farther without seeing what tests you are doing. Unfortunately the way I use specific terms and the way you use them may begin to cause more confusion than comprehension, and the various test methods and results will begin to lead us down the rabbit hole, possibly. I would be more than willing to print you off a copy of your vehicles wiring diagram and give you a few ideas of what to test, and the expected test results if you wanted to come by the shop. I would appreciate a phone call before stopping by so that I can make sure I set aside a few minutes to discuss it with you. Honest 1 Auto care @ 20th and Stark St., just ask for Preston. Good luck.
dont know if you got it to work but for some reason mine stopped working when i got my alrm put in and they said when i got it installed it wouldnt work but this could be the problem... i just lived with it so far...
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