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Q: Does the fuel pump assembly have 1 or 2 wires? on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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Truck will not start, acts like it is out of gas.
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Within the harness to the pump module (assembly) there is on some models 6 wires 2 for the pump, 2 for the gauge unit and 2 for the pressure sensor!
On some models there are 4 wires 2 for the pump and 2 for the gauge unit!
Your truck could be either way. Can you hear the pump run when key is turned on? Have a helper listen at filler neck with cap removed and turn the key on. Now with key still on bump the starter just a second and let of but leave key on, does the pump run for about 3 seconds? Do this as many times as needed. Pumps give a bunch of trouble! Post results more info. available.
The pump is not running when the key is on. Truck was running today but just shut off while driving, now it turns over but will not start.
Replace, or have the pump module replaced, but first can you hear the relay, under the hood, click a few seconds after turning key on?
Bump starter and listen does relay click? If so power is going to the pump! Replace it.
Relay clicks when you turn the key. Is there a way to tell if the pump assembly has 1 or 2 wires.
Ok i see what you are asking! No not really, what the parts people are asking is if it has a fuel tank pressure sensor mounted along side of the pump connector. It is either a one or two CONNECTOR module. Only way to tell is bore (video) scope or drop the tank or pull the bed off. I pull the bed, much easier if empty That is up to the installer.
Are you saying it is easier to take the bed off rather than drop the tank? Do you know how many bolts are in the bed, are they easy to get to.
Yep, there are five bolts on each side easily accessed from under the truck. With an impact wrench or hand tools it is MUCH easier to remove the bed,, i have done it both ways so i know!!! Remove bolts in the filler neck, bolts from bed and just unplug wire connector at rear for all the lights. Get a couple of buddys to help set the bed back about three feet to access pump. Now to pull the tank i dont have time to explain. Just thought, check youtube!!
You bet, let me know how you make out. Oh yea, the bed is not heavy at all really not like you think! Just take your time, think ahead and you wont have any problems. One more thing did you check for spark at the plugs?
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