Q: Does anyone know another reason for engine overheating on a 2000 S-Type w/ 4.0L? on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

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My wife was traveling when the A/C quit cooling and the engine temp shot up. I have changed the thermostat, bled air from the system, flushed the radiator, and even went as far as to remove the internal parts from the old thermostat to make sure coolant was flowing through the engine. I still have engine overheating problems. It seems within 10-15 minutes of idle the temp shoots into the red. There does not seem to be any water in the oil and the engine runs fine. Yes, I followed the specific dealers instructions on bleeding the cooling system, but still have overheating issues. Does anyone have any helpfull ideas/solutions? I really do not want to scrap the car. Thanks
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