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Q: Does anyone else have the same computer/braking problem on their Nissan? on 2011 Nissan LEAF

My Nissan Leaf (10,000 miles less than two years) has a braking issue, and has been in the Nissan dealership shop for 10 days so far (god help me on the bill!). It has never been in an accident or run over a curb.

It seems to slide a little when you brake, and the brakes do not catch right away (1/2 second delay). Now the computer does not see that you have pressed the brakes AT ALL, so the car cannot be started. Nissan, and nissan USA have been unable to figure out what is going wrong, and as the leaf is a radically new model I cannot take the car to another service location, like an independent garage.

Obviously the computer being unaware of the brakes is an obvious safety issue, so I want it repaired correctly, but after 10 days and no ideas, I am concerned that Nissan is clueless on this, or that it is a large enough item that it is scaring them. Has anyone else had a similiar problem?
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I have a 2013 Nissan Leaf. The brakes failed this morning, and I got into an accident. Thank goodness no one got hurt, but I did run over a curb and a boulder and also a tree. I braked but the car kept going and accelerated. I was finally able to stop after pumping on the brakes, then I was able to park. Do you know if this is a common problem? My car is at the dealership.
I have a 2013 and the brakes have failed twice. First time I took it to the dealer and they couldn't find anything wrong. This time I was able to video the dash and the sounds it was making as the pedal went all the way to the floor to get it to stop.
10 days oh man i'll pray for you its probly a shorted wire i have a friend that has a leaf and he loves it if they figure it out let us engine heads know the buzz
Not a short, as everything comes on! You are really at the mercy of the dealership on a new release vehicle, and of Nissan USA, neither of which has been able to do anything.

This is one problem with a new, radically different car. You cannot get service, parts... anywhere but the dealership, and if the dealership cannot resolve the issue, or wants to charge you a ton (my 15,000 checkup was TWICE what they said it would cost on repairpal!!) there is nobody else to take up the slack!

But thanks for Praying for me! Pray for me when I get the bill on this one!!!
have you tried running the VIN# on this. maybe a recall item they over looked. new design bound to have factory gliches. scary thing about going electric.
I actually gave the VIN number to Nissan USA, and looked it up! Nissan USA found it, than promptly banned me from signing in with that VIN number to my NISSAN account! Why? Because if I signed in, I would be allowed to review the car on their website... And you wonder why their website always shows about 1 star higher than in the world as a whole...

As I said, the thing that bothered me also is that I have no option of other places to take it. Al's garage will not start being able to work on them until a number of them are out there, and the local Nissan dealership has been unable to resolve it, and has charged twice what says they should for the 15k inspection...

I just think that people have to be more aware of the abilities of the company to come out with a radical new design, and what the cost to the end user are. Both by way of cost and by way of possible injury. After all a braking problem is not like the cabin light not working. It can kill you! I still believe in electric cars, and I myself said NEVER by a new model in a car, but I did this as a vote of confidence to Nissan, and for electric cars. I would still give electric cars a vote of confidence, but not Nissan.
I have similar brake issue. Mine is 2013 model. It has a lot of issues within less than 1 year. The first problem is the car could not be charged due to a firmware bug. The 2nd problem is the battery died. I am not sure if it is the 12V battery or the main battery. Anyway the key could not be detected and so the car could be started. This week the car could not be slowed down easily. I have to peddle the brake very hard to stop the car or slow down the car, but once I peddle the brake hard, the car slips. It is really dangerous on the highway. I sent it to Nissan Dealer at Capitol Expressway. I was then told there was a hole on the pipe under the car. The brake oil leaks through this hole. That is the reason why the car does not brake well. The dealer told me this is not covered by warranty. It is more like an accident. But I never have an accident or bump to the curb with this leased car. I doubt the brake problem is either caused by car defect or reliability issue or mistreatment of work of fixing battery. Anyway the service and the car quality is very bad. I will never lease or buy a Nissan leaf.
I too got into an accident because of the Nissan Leaf brakes. Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit ?
This is happening to a lot of people.
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