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Q: Distributor on 1994 Acura Integra

My integra was sitting for about three and a half weeks. Before then I had no problems at all. I took it for a 35 mile drive about the third week. I turned it off and turned it back on. As I started to drive again my steering wheel locked up and it completely shut down on my. The engine will turn over but wont completely crank up. Does anyone have an Idea what the problem could be?
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It is hard to say with out being able to experience the problem first hand, or be able to drive the vehicle and experience the problem and carry out some basic tests. These are a great car but I have seen the distributor seize and brake the timing belt, I have seen timing belts break if they are not replaced during normal service intervals, the ignition switch electrical portion fails, possible fuel pump or fuel relay problem. Great car, some common problems (listed above) easy to work on and diagnose. I have owned two of these.
Possible your ignition coil burned up....Or your timimg belt broke...LIKE THE GUY SAID ABOVE ME YOU NEED TO HAVE A EXPERIENCED MECHANIC TAKE A LOOK AT IT...OVER THE INTERNET YOUR GONNA GET A BUNCH OF MAYBE ITS THIS...NOTE+ take the valve cover off with a 10mm socket and when you do..look to the right of the top where the cams gears are and check your tIming belt...pull on it and if it is tight it is fine NEXT+ ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE VAlve cover is your distributor is with your spark plug wires are connect too..there are three 6mm hex screws u can use a socket or screwdriver to remove..once you remove take that cap off and smell the coil...if it smells burned have a friend turn over the car and put a volt meter on the red and green wire to see if it is giving any power GOODLUCK
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