Q: Diagnostic Default Code reading on 2007 Mazda RX-8

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The default code is P0661 - it states "intake manifold tuning valve control circuit low (Bank 1)" - Can you please let me know of the possible problems.

(1) Answer
Fault code P0661 indicates that the controller had detected a malfunction (low resistance) in the tuning valve actuator circuit.. The result of this could be lost power and fuel economy, plus it would not pass emissions testing if that's a concern to you. The cost of repair depends on what's actually wrong, but most likely it's a failed solenoid coil but it could be a bad connection, which is less parts cost. Either way, have it diagnosed by a Mazda specialist, not a general mechanic unless he knows RX-8's well which is unlikely. I would think that the emissions warrantee is still good, but you could call the specialist or the dealer for that info, or much better, look in the warrantee manual in your glove box. That manual will solve any arguements that the dealer might give you (he makes more money on 'customer-pay' than warrantee) and you'll be better informed about your car if you read that warrantee manual.
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