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Delamination of Diesel Fuel Tank on Ford F-350 Super Duty

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Delamination of the diesel fuel tank can occur resulting in a loss of power due to debris clogging the fuel filters. In some cases the fuel injection pump and/or fuel injectors have also been damaged. Ford has issued a service bulletin (#19728) addressing this concern. This issue can affect all diesel F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650, and F-750 Super Duty models.

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Ford F-350 Super Duty Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 122,909 (11,200–356,660)
Exhaust & Emissions affected: Diesel
14 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
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2003 E350 7.3L
Ford diesel fuel tank delamination
Drop tank, boil, reinstall
New primary fuel pump
New tank
New fuel pump
Ordered AirDogII inline filter setup
5k and counting, not including lost work days
Class Action Lawsuit in NEw Jersey, can you please report what state you are in? Maybe we can get the attorneys to expand the suit to help all of us
My 2000 Ford F350 Superduty loses almost all power and runs extremely rough and loud when the tank gets below a quarter tank of fuel. The truck runs pretty good when the tank is full or almost full (above half a tank). Solution at this time is to keep a lot of fuel in the tank. My truck has 340,000 miles at this time. I have heard of a solution to clean the tank and remove some of the parts from the existing filter in the tank that get clogged (and have nothing with making the truck run) and place an inline fuel filter along the frame which makes it easy to remove and replace. I am ready to remedy this problem since I want to keep this truck forever. Any help would be appreciated!
I had to replace fuel filters every couple of months at 100.00 each since first purchased new in 2006. Finally, after researching through the internet, I found that the fuel tanks in this make of vehicle delaminates. After nuemerous close calls, on highway traffic, I called Ford to have the fuel tank repaired. Ford told me they could not do anything except replace the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel injectors at cost. Finally, I replaced the fuel tank at a cost of 2000.00, and it now seem to be running fairly well. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Fuel Tank inside coating has flaked for the third time. First time I replaced the two diesel filters and filled up
the tank drove for approx. 1000 miles again flakes...filters same silver stuff on stopped up filters.Now the third time more Flakes and new filters but engine will not start so tank is dropped and is full of silver flakes.Went to FORD a mechanic said "the problem is diesel contamination it has water in it...and FORD's metal tanks delaminate (FLAKE). Replace with a plastic one,which Ford dose not offer or a solution to this." I'm glad my truck didn't stall in busy traffic and cause a wreck or worse a death due to non disclosure of a possible
delaminating tank. I've not altered this truck or added and thing (water)to the diesel just filled up at a gas station or truck stop...what else would any one do , carry a chemistry set to test the diesel before you fill up?
Most every knows diesel is never perfect and fuel can draw moisture in bulk tanks when warm fuel is added to cold under ground or above bulk tanks.Even small amounts of condensation can form in a truck tank when cold fuel is added to a hot tank on a hot day. PS My truck may now have injector problems WOW THANKS FORD FOR THE HEAD's UP , from a Ford man I thank. 6-13-13
I have the same problem with my truck. I'm taking the tank off scraping the delamination from inside the tank, taking the 2 little filters off from the sending unit, clean the exterior filter and re-assemble . hope that will stop the problem
Fuel tank delaminating and blocking injectors and fuel system ford will not cover it under any warranty
Mine is a 97. I had the fuel filter light begin to come on. Then lost of power and hard running. Replaced filters, but the fuel pump went out. The ford dealer replaced the fuel pump for about $1200. The next day it died on me again and the ford dealer told me to have it towed back. $600 later they tell me both tanks are full of sludge. They replaced the rear tank and they told me the tank was delaminating. I went into the garage bay and stuck my finger in the tank and wiped the lining off with my finger. I have two tanks and it is happening in both.
I have had problems with the water seperator light coming on since I have had the truck. It has been in the shop numerous times. Now they tell me I need a new fuel tank. I use this truck for my business and will never buy another Ford again. This is my 5th Ford F350 also but never again
my fuel tank is delamination inside the tank causeing a lot of problems its going to cost me 10,000.00 dollars to fix the problem ford owe me some money this should have been a recall and ford knows it
Bought truck brand new ordered it,one driver me.$6000.00 later 3 weeks in shop.If FORD had of just sent me a letter when they found out about this(somewhere in 2007)I would of replaced the tank long time ago. would have been mad but better then new pumps and injectors and line flushes. Repair cost is one tank for now.Just tanks the titan poly.ANY SIGH OF PROBLEM OR NOT REPLACE YOU TANKS
for the last 2 years when took the truck on a long trip it would loose power if I shut it down and waited a few min. then restarted it would be ok. so could not understand what was wrong a copple of weeks ago
it would hardly run and there was a fuel pump noise replaced pump and it did not fix, back blew pump screen in tank,then the truck ran good so I removed tank it had lots of paint from delamination in tank and the in tank filter. reached in tank and cleaned the best I could, it is delaminating bad in the front of tank about 3/4 level replaced tank after cleaning it lasted about 20 miles then filter in tank pluged again,shut truck down on highway let sit a min. and was able to limp home. time for a new tank.
this is the second tank and injector replaced. this time at my cost. I replaced tank with a titan plastic tank.
Delamination of the diesel fuel tank resulted in a loss of power due to debris clogging the fuel filters. Fuel injection pump and ALL fuel injectors had to be replaced: Truck was in shop twice - Total expenses (not including towing, loss of work, etc.):$7,310. Ford declined any reimbursment
Truck quit. No warning lights nothing, quit and would not start. Had it towed to ford dealer and was told the fuel tank lining is rusty and flakes. Estimated cost is 3400. Had lose of power in may of 2014 to have two injectors replaced at cost of 800.00. No help from FORD. How could a manufactor not be responsible for such a blunder.
Engine lost power. USRider connected us with a Ford Dealer and we drove there on I-40 at about 35 mph. Diesel mechanic told us we purchase bad fuel and he dropped the tank and cleaned the filters in the tank(my husband had already replaced the fuel pump at an auto parts dealer USRider helped us find). He then sent us on our way - bill was about $300.

The problem has surfaced again and our local Ford Dealer has told us that the tank has delaminated and is sending the tank somewhere?? to be cleaned and resurfaced. So far we are up to $1800 in repairs - and that's without replacing the fuel pump... much less the fuel injectors...

Right now I have no confidence that the repair will be a permanent solution. Even if Ford chooses not to take any responsibility for the problem with their diesel tanks that can't hold diesel, it would have been nice if they had let us know that we needed to find a different tank that could hold diesel before it damaged other expensive parts... like the fuel injectors...