Q: Dash warning indicators are all on on 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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Just a few days ago all of the warning indictor lights began coming on but the car shows no issues. I can shut off the car and they may or may not come back on or come back on after the car has been running for awhile. Help!!!!!!!!

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Please let us know which warning lights are showing on the dash of your 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue.
I would suspect an engine emissions fault or anti-lock brake system has caused your warning lights to come on. It is very possible that only one fault has caused this issue. Proper diagnoses would involve retrieving all the stored fault codes in the powertrain control and ABS modules. Reviewing and analyzing these codes should lead to the cause of your problem.
Thanks "J", I will go for analying then.
Thanks again for the help.
Hello fellows,
Warning lights on for 'service engine soon' plus 'ABS brakes' plus 'Taction" with no functionality of these systems....
I have had the identical problem on my 2001 Intrigue. I had all the brake sensors changed, a bit at a time, but the problem, first intermittent, became permanent. Reading around such discussion groups as this one, I learned that a faulty EBTCM module might be the root cause. Electronic Code Diagnostics did not tell me this however; after each scan, it was another sensor. I believed the scan was incorrect... all sensors were replaced with no fix. I let the problem go and accepted to live with the lights 'on' rather than pay the money out. THEN, this past winter, my ABS/Traction/ repair engine soon lights ALL together started to be OFF for no apparent reason, and the ABS and TRaction controls/functionality were fully restored! The only consistency would be the cold damp weather. This strange behavior repeated for a few weeks only, and then fell back to the lights on condition again with no functionality. The transmission control lever may have come into play as I believe that, together with the cold, then also moving the shift control, the trouble lights extinguished, with restored function. Being a mechanical engineer, I have applied my deductive reasoning further. The EBTCM could not have been 'deprogrammed' as some have suggested, at least in my case, since the device cannot 'reprogram' itself at will, short of a miracle of sorts. I believe now that there is a 90% chance that I have some type of frayed wire, which perhaps shorts itself 'back into continuity' under special conditions of cold wire/ etc.
Does anyone out there have any idea where the most likely damage to this system wiring might be?
my warning lights have been diagnoed by the Chevrolet House as a faulty ABS computer module. It is about a $1K fix unless I replace with a used unit.

Thanks for the responces,
I have the same problem with my Oldsmobile. I love my car alot but I hate the fact that the lights came on. Does anybody know what kind of filter and what brand I should get when I go to change the oil cause it's due for an oil change? Go Oldsmobiles!!!