Q: CV Axle boot on 2005 Volkswagen Passat

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I took my car in for the 35,000 mile oil change and was told my outer CV boot had to be replaced. Of course my warranty ended in December and I have no way of knowing I needed this. Is this common for my car? VW said it is very common. If so, why don't they do a recall?

Thank you
Anne Bomar
(2) Answers
While this is common, this is a wear item, similar to a suspension bushing or a drive belt. If it fails under warranty, it may be covered, but they are expected to fail eventually, and need to be inspected regularly. Make sure you replace it otherwise the grease will all come out, and the CV joint will need replacement. Have the shop check the CV boot on the other side too.
I also had to have right front cv replaced in my 2003 Passat at 40k miles and now the left front at 55k miles. It was under warranty at 40k and even though a wear item they did it no charge since they said it looked "torn".
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