Q: cranks over good but wont start on 1997 Ford Thunderbird

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my 97 t-bird 4.6 auto fuel inj. car started fine, alternator went out, put new one on ,in mean time ran out of gas. Now with alternator back on car it wont start just cranks , checked spark to plugs and gets good fire to plugs , Is there something that I should do cause it ran empty of gas & tried to start with no fuel? I put in 8gal. gas in & it has fire but just cranks over & ran fine before ran empty, can you help? Just hope fuel pump isnt in tank!
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If you cranked the engine much to get it started while out of gas (most people do), two things can happen. One, the fuel pump burns out because it depends on fuel to cool it while it's running, and Two, the fuel lines can get airbound, meaning that there's air in the lines, gasoline won't get to the injectors and the car won't start. The thing to do is to check the fuel pressure, and go from there. You may be able to bleed out the lines at the injector rail if the pump's OK.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
No, was told about a fuelpump reset button in trunk that kicks off pump when no gas . Pushed reset button & car started right up. Why didnt u know that?