Q: cranks but won't start on 1992 Dodge Dakota

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we changed the cam sensor and crank sensor new distributor cap, ignition switch is good. getting low voltage reading from coil. gets no spark and sometimes it does get spark.HELP
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If there is no power at the coil, then I'd suspect the automatic shutdown (ASD) relay is faulty. The ASD relay controls power on the ignition, injection and charging systems.
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power is getting to the ASD relay, it's a 5.2 mpi auto transmission with overdrive. getting 9.5 mv at the green/orange wire throughout the asd circuit with the ignition switch in the on position.asd and fuel pump relays kicks on, intermitten crank and cam sensors pick up. getting 9.5 mv at ignition feed wire as well as the asd bpositive terminals at coil. yet no spark at the high tension lead wire.
I have the 92 dakota 5.2 automatic and im having the same problem. Just replaced the distributor, cap and rotor, and pickup. As well as a coil. We checked the fuses and everything was fine. I'm beginning to think it might be the computer..
First of all make sure the wiring going to the coil, positive is good. Then make sure that the other wire usually black white completes the circuit. Don't just guess by looking at the wires, use an ohm meter to verify your observations. Then check your coil. You can also check it for ohms resistance. Be aware that when a coil gets warm that the wiring inside the coil may then short across the field windings, it sounds like you have a bad coil to me.