Q: cost to repair coolant leak on 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora

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Approximate cost to fix coolant leak from water pump housing/ manifold to engine connections. Also cost to replace radiator. Approximate parts and labor for both.
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If you have a little bit of fix it yourself knowledge, then a coolant leak from water pump is surprisingly easy to tackle with the proper tools. A # (8 or 10 socket, can't be totally certain on that) and just moving the air intake parts out of the way. I would suggest you take a moment to check the belt as well as the idler and maybe replace these if you think they look frail or well worn.
I recently removed the radiator from my '98. Had to disconnect the transmission lines(2) from radiator as well as two hoses. The end cap where the top hose connected was busted and leaking. While I was at it, I replaced the hose with a newer one I found at a wreaking yard off another aurora that was in great shape. Cost me $2.50 for the hose. Took it to a radiator shop and after $89, I had a new end cap on my original radiator (they performed pressure test and checked for any other leaks that might have gone unnoticed.. New coolant, + hose, + end cap, + idler for water pump = around $130.
local Repair Shop was quoting me 350+ !! Took me around four hours (I was doing a lot of other things in the meantime..)which in reality totaled about 1 hr 15min in work time (doing it for the first time)! Hope this helps!
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