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Q: Cost of replacing cable asy on battery on 2007 Ford Fusion

My mom took her car in for inspection and the tech said she needed new battery cables as her were corroded. The part #'s are: 7E5Z-14300-AA and 8E5Z-14300-AA. No new battery just cables.
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If corrosion is bad enough and has swelled the insulation close to the cable ends then that means the corrosion is creeping down the cable under the insulation and will cause resistance problems and may lead to a no start condition. If is not swollen then typically can remove the cable ends and clean and retension at the battery. Because so many things are now powered up with connections at the cables then it makes sense for factory cables if needed. Trying to "patch" it can lead to problems. Have another shop give a second opinion if still concerned.
Thanks so much for your response. Can you guesstimate to me how long it would take to perform this task? My mom already had it done, at the dealer of course, and they charged her $387 labor for it!!! I'm furious, I believe they took advantage of a elderly woman. I'm going to the dealer tonight to complain. I just wanted to have an idea how long something like this would take to do. I want to have "all my ducks in a row" before I see them!

They also did her 15,000 check and she has 11,800 on the car. Now they did keep the car overnite because they didn't have the cables in stock, but hell she shouldn't have to pay for that???

They also did do the whole cable at $110 each! I know you can find them on-line for about $65 but of course the dealer will charge you retail.
Look at the estimator link at repairpal for the labor charges as I am not in a shop so do not have access to labor guides. I do agree that the 15k service should not have been done unless your mother asked for it. While there ask to see the labor guide for what it says to charge for the cables install. Sometimes the tech has to remove access components to make room to change the cables. It will be very hard to argue after the fact if she said to do it. Good luck.
Thanks for the info, the estimator link didn't have the problem. That's why I wrote this note. It only listed the cost for new battery. Thanks for all your help.
I suspect that they may have factored in the fact that the car was four years old when performing a 15k service prematurely.Mileage and age are both service criteria.
Agree completely, time and/or mileage are the criteria. Again the problem seems to be that she did not ask for it to be done or agree for it to be done so that is my concern. Did it need it according to time, you bet, but she still has the choice. Did original poster ever find out what the labor charges breakdown was? Those battery cables run everywhere in that engine compartment and can be a pain to access. If she said to do the work then that is that.
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