Q: Cooling Fan Clutch Replacement on 2000 Dodge Durango

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I had a repair shop tell me I needed to replace the cooling fan clutch and gave me a price. Upon looking at the cost of the part vs what they wanted to charge, I believe I can do this myself. How involved would this be for an amateur to do? I should have all the necessary tools to do it, I just don't know if there is anything special I need to do or be concerned with
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All I would say is to be sure that you check for the reverse thread on the fan clutch to pulley nut, which is big ( about 32 mm ). The thread direction should be printed on the radiator shroud or embedded in the plastic. Other wise, yes it is a pretty straight forward operation. Make sure you write down the serpentine belt routing before you dissemble. Good Luck!

If Possible Get rid of your Clutch Fan and go Electric! But to answer the question, remove serpentine belt and use a strap wrench to stop clutch from spinning when you try to remove fan clutch nut from water pump!