Q: Coolant/water around the spark plug hole on 1999 Saturn SW2

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I changed the spark plugs at 33k and found water around the spark plug in the #3 cyl. Enough to make a gurgling sound as it ran into the cyl when I removed the plug. The plug was rusty and was not firing right. Checked it after a few hundred miles as it was starting to run rough again and there is moisture again building up but very slowly. Have had no over heating problems so, I don't know of any reason to have a cracked head. Only have 34,000 miles! Anyone have experience or heard of this?
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There is a Service Bulletin for this problem. Reference number 01 - T- 47. Which calls for Adding one 10 gram pellet of engine cooling system sealer. Contact your local Dealer or repair shop regarding service bulletin.
Thanks Protech2989. I did what you sugested a few days ago and when I get time I'll check to see if the plugs are dry. Would it be fair to say there is a design flaw with the head? Do you or anyone know how the water is leaking into the plug well?