Q: Coolant leak on 1999 Honda Civic

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Hello, whenever I start my 99 Honda Civic it leaves a little coolant on the ground, has just recently started to do this. The check engine light had been on intermittently but went off and has stayed off. Any ideas as to the coolant leak? Thanks.
(3) Answers
Lay a piece of cardboard under that area so you can zero in on the problem area, its more than likely a hose ( radiator or heater hose) sometimes the mechanic can tighten the hose clamp.
If the coolant expansion tank is overfilled, it will overflow when the coolant is warmed up. Make sure your levels are good (check when the coolant is cold). Even though the Check engine light went off, a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) is stored in memory. You should have a shop or parts house scan for codes. If codes are stored in memory, the car may not pass the next emissions/smog test.