Q: computer code on 1998 Honda Passport

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could you please tell me what the code PO730 means when it shows on my car computer. This showed up after i had my transmission flushed and filled
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Here is the code information from Honda, it is quite technical, but what it appears to be telling you is that the transmission control module has detected some internal slipping in the transmission. I would take it back to the shop that performed the flush, make sure the fluid level and type are correct.
Trouble Code: P0730 (3.2L V6 VIN - Auto)
Transmission Incorrect Gear Ratio
Trouble Code Conditions:
DTC P0722 and P0723 are not set, gear selector not in Park, Neutral or Reverse position, engine speed more than 3500 rpm, 3 seconds have passed since an Upshift event, and the PCM detected a slip value over 753 rpm in 1st gear, a slip value over 713 rpm in 2nd gear, a slip value over 694 rpm in 3rd gear, or a slip value over 685 rpm in 4th gear, condition met for 5.5 seconds during the CCM test.
Possible Causes:
* OSS signal is open or shorted to ground (an intermittent fault)
* OSS is out-of-calibration (i.e., the tire size or rear axle ratio)
* OSS is damaged or has failed
* PCM has failed
OSS = "Output Speed Sensor"
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