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2000 Ford Excursion Question: code reader p0307 and p0303

my excursion has been acting up since i used gas from a different gas station. my suv seem to be bogging and when i pressed the gas it shakes alot. i bought a matco code reader and it said something about cylinder 3 and 7 misfiring. is this the cause of the gas that i used? is this why my suv shakes alot when i try to go 50mph? -
Answer 1
Sounds like you have two cylinders out of eight misfiring, your Excursion has one coil for each sparkplug you could have a bad coil or needs a new set of plugs, your vehicle calls for Autolite double platinum with a .054 gap -
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thank you for your help. we had the spark plug changed and now it works super again. -