Q: clutch fluid pressure on 1992 GMC Sonoma

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have replaced both slave and master cyclinder and bled for quiet awhile, getting no air but still can't build up pressure to work clutch
(2) Answers
I have a 2001 Sonoma with the same problem. What i did was i had someone maintaining a constant fluid level in the clutch reservoir some one manning the clutch pedal and someone operating the bleeder valve located above the quick disconnect hose on the side of the transmission.
1. Press the clutch pedal (hold)
2. Open bleeder for a second
3. Close bleeder valve
4. De-Press the clutch pedal
5. Fill reservoir (constantly)

I did this about 6 times the first couple times there is a delay and then a burst of air out of the bleeder valve.
I just replaced the clutch in my 99 sonoma then after bleeding I had the same problem. I changed the master cylinder and again had the same problem. Instead of bleeding through the bleeder valve I had someone pump the clutch pedal about 100 times and saw the air coming to surface of fluid canister. The clutch still seemed to not engange so while on jackstands with clutch and brake pressed I began gently putting pressure on stick to gear, it wound up slipping into 2nd then 3rd, 4th and began to move easier in and out. I put it on the ground and was able to use all gears.