Q: clutch bleeding on 1990 Isuzu Trooper

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I replaced a clutch in a 1990 isuzu trooper and slave cylinder i bleed it several times but the clutch feels soft is there a special way to bleed this vehicle or what should i look at next also was working fine when it got glazed over for wheeling
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Here is your FIX. It involves removing the clutch damper and metal lines that is located on the fender. It has lines going to it from the clutch master cyl. and then from it to the slave cyl. It will not leak fluid, but will suck air into system. Find a hydraulic shop and have them make you a line, $30 max. Remove damper & lines...*notice that the lines going into damper are necked down to a smaller dia.- go with the larger size dia. if asked.* Install new line. Tighten at Master cyl. leave loose at hose going to slave, then bleed air out as the hose to slave will be full of fluid and should not require bleeding at slave...tighten, and your good to go !
first check master and slave cylinder are not leaking if good get a piece of hose and stick it on slave bleeder and into a cup of cleanfluid open after clutch is pumped on down stroke and cloe while down it took me hours took get all the air out of my system long enough to make me think i had something wrong but two cans of fluid later shes good as new
thier are 2 differnt spots to bleed it . up by the motor right by the master cyclinder theres one and right on the transmission its self there is one ,just follow the lines or get under it you cant miss it ! - Jordan