Q: Clunk noise on 1993 Mercury Cougar

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When I brake to take a turn (mostly sharp turns) there's a loud clunk and the car veers to the right or left (depending on which way I'm turning). I've replaced brakes and calipers but the problem continues. By the way, when I'm in a right turn the car veers to the left and vice versa. Thanks!
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check your ball joints, my lower ball joint just fell out on my 93 cougar, it was making a creaking noise and a banging noise when turning and then the day it fell out the steering kept almost locking as i was turning ( i thought the power steering was slipping ) check them both for play and check the rubber isnt perished, if theres no grease then they will fail and you could wreck your car
Sounds like it could be the Strut Rod busshing.
This Strut Rod connects from the lower A arm to the frame and could act as you described.
I just replaced the strut bar bushingsm spindles on both front spindles and it still does it. Could it be the gear box?
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