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Q: check engine,vsc,&trac control lights stay on. on 2004 Scion xB

Brought car to scion, said cylinders 1&3 were misfiring.
Wanted 3000.00 to put a used motor in it. I still drive the car runs well,30 mpg.,no smoke out tail pipe. Dose have a
rough idle, around 6000rpm.
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i am sure you meant 600 rpm. it may have compression issues that make it warranted to replace motor. ask them for there explanation as to why.

it is now 8 months later & 12,000 miles later, Lights still on, idel is still @ 600rpm. I'm
still getting 28 to 31 miles a gallon.they told me compression was low on 1&3.
I thought if the compression was that bad the mileage would also suffer.
I have 143,000 miles on my 2006 Scion XB. I am the original owner. These lights started appearing at around 92,000 mile mark. You can turn these lights off either when you change oil, your service man can do this or you can hold the milage button down, then turn your ignition key to where all the lights come on and hold (do not turn car on) until the beeping stops. you may have to do this a couple of times. I change oil in my car every 3000 miles and do not have a problem ever with my engine. I do believe this is a problem with the light not your car.
just ran though a bunch of water but forgot i have cold air tube coming down to the bumper.. car started to bogg down like the wires got wet, then my vsc,traction,check engine light came on. im sure water got sucked into the tube so i will be checking out all the sensors leading to my throttle body
Thank you for your reply.As you can see I posted this more than a year ago.
Since than I put about 22,000 miles on it. It still idles rough, but runs good.
I still get 32 miles a gallon on the road & 29 in the city.The scion dealer told me they check all they could?? Did they? thanks again for your replay. Please let me know if your sensor check works,
or if you have any other ides.
I have a 2005 Toyota Scion xB 133863, and those lights come on every once in ahwile and stay on. Usually its after I get gas, and I have read that if you do not tightend the gas cap the light sequence will happen. My car idles funky as well. Around 600-800 rmp(in DRIVE) so when im at a ligh i just put it in neutral and my belt doesnot squeal. I am about to get some work done on mine this weekend(timing chain, water pump sparkplugs, ect) trying to make it last til 200,000
Its the cam shaft position sensor....about 8 months ago I noticed the same 3 lights coming on on my car, after having multiple places plug in their computer I got a pretty good answer, replace the cam shaft position sensor. My neighbors wife happened to have the exact same xb as me and he said she has the same lights come on and go off and it was fine once he replaced that sensor. So far i havent cared to replace mine, it idles just fine and I still get 30mpg and the lights still comes on and go off for random amounts of time, but I was told that if it is replaced it will slightly help improve gas mileage.
Hope this helps

Might just be called cam sensor or something similar also, pretty common problem with xbs.
Thanks for the reply.
There are 2 cam sensors.There is a cam angle sensor & a BWD/intermotor
Cam shaft sensor.If you could narrow it down it would be great,since
they cost 89.00-144.00 respectively.
thank you
Im not sure but my neighbor who replaced it on his wife's car said it was really easy to get only other suggestion is to google it and see if you can find anything. I havent bothered to change mine and probably wont,the lights dont bother me too much.
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