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Q: check engine light & starting problems on 2008 Chevrolet HHR

car has 48000 miles - this morning had trouble starting, it would spin & try to start. after serveral tries it started but check engine light is on. Each time i start it does the same, starting after several tries but runs ok after it starts. Any ideas on what the problem could be& wheres the fuel filter located on car? thanks
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I would suspect the fuel filter is located inside the fuel tank of your 2008 Chevrolet HHR. Checking the fault code(s) stored in the Engine Control Module would be a good place to start diagnosing your problem. Also connecting a fuel pressure gauge and monitoring the pressure after the engine is turned off might be a good idea. The fuel system should hold pressure after the ignition is turned off. If it does not that would indicate a leak which could be the cause of the hard starting.
My friend I have the same problem with my car but it works perfect after every two starts, just remember one thing never step on the gas while trying to start the car it's no good. Your problem is your car is (running to lean) meaning if you put the (OBD) for a diagnostics computer test it will give you code # (0171). I you go over to a dealer they will tell you that it's the fuel pump and is just because they don't want to go through all this hassle by putting just a (Fuel Vapor Pressure Sensor). I live in N.Y. and the fuel pressure sensor cost at the dealer $85.00 but in Florida at (Advance Auto Parts) it only costs $40.00. I took my car to the dealer even knowing what the problem is and for an OBD test I paid $120.00. and they have told me that it needed the fuel pump and that it will cost me $900.00 extra. These CHEVY DEALERS you have to be carefull with my friend. Buy the parts at auto dealer and have a regular mechanic put up for you. cheaper, if you need call the Auto Parts at 407-896-3098. Don't know why they sell parts in florida but not in N.Y. good luck
I am having the same problems, have replaced the evap solenoid and still happens but that got rid of one of my codes. This car has a fuel pressure sensor in the gas tank which my be sensing pressure buildup after fueling because of the air pocket trapped in the top of the tank becoming pressurized when the cold gas from the grond expanding when it hits the warm gas in the tank. This is my un educated guess and the guys at chevrolet service argreed with this treory. The sensor part is $86.00 and the tank has to be dropped to replace it but I think it is my next move.
I gassed up last night to do a test, I filled until the gas pump shut off on its own first click on the nozzel, the car started fine, then I filled the tank further adding about 1 more gallon until the tank and fill tube were full to the top, the car would not start without holding the accelerator pedal to the floor and feathering accelerator to keep endine running. After getting driving for about 2 blocks the car started to run normal and started just fine after that. The long and the short of this experiment proves a problem with the fuel tank pressure sensor so I won't be filling the tank beuond the first shutoff on the gas pump nozzel. $300.00 parts and labor to replace the sensor or no charge to not fill the tank full, hmmmm let me think about this one. I hope this helps others that are having the same problems.
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