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Cadillac DeVille Check Engine Light on Due to Faulty Catalytic Conveter

Cadillac DeVille Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Average Mileage: 122,962 mi (65,000 mi - 220,000 mi)


Failure of the catalytic converter can result in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

  • , , 130,000 mi

    Check Engine Light on due to catalytic converter

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  • , , 160,000 mi

    code. used treatment with "seafoam" engine spray and lube $10 vs $300 after market converter or 1000 oem

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  •  Rookie

    Right after I bought the car the check engine light came on so I am not sure when it actually started. I bought it second hand. i have not fixed it.

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  •  Rookie

    Ruff idle shinning sound vibration miss fire changed coil pack and spark plugs same problem persists

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  • , , 166,500 mi

    Check engine light came on and coded that it was an issue with the Catalytic Converter. Totally sucks.

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  • , , 119,787 mi

    Cat failure. Replaced Cat and less than 2 months later the Cat failed again

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  • , , 144,000 mi

    need new catalytic converter

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  • , , 220,000 mi

    Insalled Walker catalytic converter, $128.00 on Ebay. 6 weeks ago...still good

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  • , , 175,000 mi

    I had light on CHECK ENGIN went to local Cadillac Dealer and was informed it was the CAT.Con. and I required a new one @ 3667.00 plus labour so I went to a well known muffler shop here in Kelowna,B.C. Canada and had a generic one installed for 350.00 inc. tax.labour and productand it runs just fine now / I was an un:suspecting buyer it had been a taxi in Culver city Ca. sold to a cab. in Nevada / and mills were rolled back to 50.000 miles/ I got all this info after I bought it from car fax ?? / I paid 7200.00 and spent about 3000.00 but it runs like a charm now / but get a used car checked befor you buy I never would have bought a used taxi/limo.

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  • , , 70,000 mi

    Just out of the 6 year / 100K certified warranty. It cost me over $1000.00 to repair. I was told this is because engine oil consumptiom burns them out.

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