Q: Check Engine Light On on 1994 Infiniti G20

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The check engine light on my 94 Infiniti G20 stays on. Have experienced the car stalling right after it starts so wonder what the possible problem(s) could be.
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Knowing the actual code # would help but it could be related to the idle air motor or the mass airflow sensor. Does it eventually start and run fine?
Made a mistake on the year - it's a 96 Infiniti G20. In order to get the actual code, I'd have to pay a repair place $$ for that service. The car starts up every time and idles well but as soon as you put it in gear, it stalls immediately. Seems to have gotten a lot worse since the cold weather hit Florida. It's my Granddaughters car and I'd really love to have it repaired but am afraid of getting ripped off. If I can get a few possible problems to give to the mechanic, I'd feel a little less vulnerable.