Q: check engine light goes on and off. noticable shaking in car at idle on 1994 BMW 540i

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I have a 1994 BMW 540i. its been sitting for a year or so. I has noticeable shaking and vibration when car at idle. I replaced the engine mounts.It reduced it some. Check engine light on and off currently on now. No local dealer cant scan 1994 model. Help
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That's strange that a local shop can't scan it. I think it's an OBD 1 system . . . you should seek out a BMW or European specialist in the area. Any competent shop should be able to help.

You have some sort of complex driveability problem, and you'll need an experienced diagnostician to track it down.
That may well be true. He doesn't have the right tool. Another BMW shop in the area may have the right tool--you could call another, or go to the dealership.

Try calling this shop:
The local foreign car dealer said his scanner could only read 96 and up
his scanner was having trouble communicating or there was no communication.said I would hav to go to a BMW dealer
Run the car for a bit, especially if the car was jump-started with one of the charger kits. A lot of times the vehicle will have to sync before the check engine light goes off and the rough idle stops. I had the same thing happen with my 1994 740iL. Runs fine now.
I have a 2003 540I with 69000 miles. I had the same problem and it was a number 2 coil misfiring. I have a friend thats a bmw mechanic and he fixed it for me.