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Q: Check engine light came on with P0741 code. what it mean? on 2006 Toyota Corolla

check engine light came on for 2 weeks, got a diagnostic with the code p0741 but then after 2 weeks, the check engine light went off again. dealership told me i needed new transmission. not sure what to believe. too expensive at dealership to replace.
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I have a funny story on this. This exact same code came on my 2007 Toyota Corolla S. I took it to a Toyota dealearship and they ran the tests. They checked my solenoids and they were fine. The tech checked everything and could not figure out what was wrong. He gave up and called Toyota headquarters to ask what to do and Toyota told him to replace the transmission at a cost of $4,300. I declined the repairs. The next morning I was calling around town to get quotes on rebuilding the transmission and I called a transmission shop and asked them for a quote. The person on the other end of the phone asked me to describe what was happening and I told him the above story and he started laughing hysterically. He said that one NEVER has to replace a transmission due to a check engine light. He told me that the owner of his shop used to work at a Toyota garage for over 10 years and that I should bring it in to be looked at. He even said he would check it for free. I brought it in and they found that a solenoid at the bottom of my transmission pan was bad. He quoted me a charge of $550 to fix it (considerably better than $4,300). I went ahead and accepted and told them to do it. Then a really funny thing happened. After the mechanic removed the transmission pan he looked up there and found that the solenoid was not plugged in. Somehow the solenoid had gotten unplugged. He plugged it in and test drove it and it worked completely fine without the light. He then only charged me $200 (the cost of removing the transmission pan, replacing the gasket and putting some new transmission fluid in). The entire shop started laughing. What was originally going to be a transmission replacement for $4,300 ended up being a solenoid that was not plugged in to be fixxed for $200. Check to make sure your solenoids are plugged in.
Hey man I have the same problem with my 2006 Toyota corolla
Check engine light came on code is p0741
The torque converter but my cars runs excellent
Can u refer me to your friend wats city is he located
I have the same error code on my 2005 Matrix. The car runs fine. Where is this shop? I need an honest mechanic!
Hello there, I have the same error code P0741 on my toyota corolla 2007. the dealership told me the same thing. I need to replace a new transmission. it is pricey. Can I rebuilt the transmission? to do that way, may be little cheaper than to replace a new transmission. Don't you think? Please Help. I am getting headache on my car. thank you
Do you have any problem with your transmission?
There is a recall if i remember right for this problem .It is a ECU internal problem.
Im trading a guy for an 07 corolla check engine light is on I was told it's been checked and was told to service transmission. I have a few questions first is about the recall how do I find out if it's been taken in for repairs also I seen about life time fluid is that true? And if so is there a service transmission code? Or replace only code?
If you know someone with a scantool make sure the computer is applying the converter clutch first.I had one where the front stator bushing on the front pump was worn out so bad you could shake the input shaft from side to side. This allows pressure to blow by and cause the converter clutch to slip then the computer will set the code.To correct you have to pull the trans replace the torque converter and remove the front pump.The front stator bushing must be cut out with a bushing cutter or removal tool and pressed back in.The one i had it fixed the problem. When the computer commands the torque converter clutch to apply and doesn't see the RPMS drop fast enough it will set the code.
Have you found a solution to this. I had the ECM recall repaired a few weeks ago and now the check engine light came on again and they're telling me it's P0741 and I need a new transmission. This sounds a little to coincidental.
i went into another mechanic and he ran another diagnostics and the code did not come on again. So he told me not to worry at this point. if it comes back on, then bring it back. i have no problems with performance of car.
check engine on a day or two than when off by itseft,got a diagnotic with the code p0741.I have no proplems performance of the car.
I have the same problem with corolla 2007. car runs perfectly well. I found out this is a common problem in these kind of cars. Solution. Send a tweet to face book and others because this seems a car factory defect. they should give a reacall.
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