Q: Check Engine Light on 2005 Buick Rainier

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Check engine light continually comes on. MANY trips to the service garage and they say each time it is fixed: secured hose,secondary AIR injection pump, replaced air check valve & gasket,replaced pre-cat o2 sensor & replaced air injection sol. Frustrated and don't know what to?! CodeP0410
(2) Answers
it some cases, when the soloniod shorts out for the air pump, that short takes out the pcm. you need to take it to someone who specializes in drivability issues to confirm.

Was your problem ever fixed? I am having a similar problem with my Ford Focus 2006. They are stating the panel for the air injection is sending a trouble signal. I am at the start of my journey to try to figure what exactly is wrong. The mechanics just reset the sensor today. If the light comes back on, I have to have more detailed work done.
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