Q: check engine light on 1998 BMW 323i

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when i told bmw dealer did not pass smog because of check engine light,I was told light bulb was burned out they found it by doing a diagnostic &said it was only $5.00&I was being charged $119.00 for the diagnostic,i dont think there being honest how do I find the code
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It's a base charge almost all dealerships and major repair shops charge for performing a diagnostic on your car. Sadly the diagnostic consists of taking a code reader pulling the codes and ~wala, tells you the problem. In this case ... it most likely didn't say anything so the assumption would be that your check engine light is out.

Moral of the story, many smaller repair shops will run a diagnostic for free or I'm not too familiar with BMW/AUDI/VW/ etc. but most auto parts stores carry these diagnostics tools and happily allow you to use them or will help you use them to pull codes on your car. But on the same note this is more for the do it yourself type of consumer, so unless you're doing it yourself ... this is pointless ... you're going to take it somewhere to get fixed and they are going to run another diagnostics, charge you for it ... as well as parts and labor.
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