Q: Check engine, brake and ABS light up; scan says transmission problem !? on 1999 Infiniti I30

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Problem disappears for several days after reset, then returns. Mechanic baffled.
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The easiest way to find out if your vehicle has traction control or stability control is:

Turn the key to run while watching the instrument panel. The TC lamp is usually a car with wavy stripes coming off the tires to simulate a car out of control or hydroplaning. There is also usually a way to turn it off. It would be a button or switch that's usually by itself that says "TCS Off". Go ahead and verify whether or not you have it and we will go from there.
Sorry I should have asked this with the last question but can you tell me which transmission DTC numbers are present during malfunction? These usually begin with P0700. Does your speedometer continue to work during the malfunction? Also, are there any ABS DTCs? One more thing: do the lights come on right after you start the car and begin to accelerate? Most ABS systems will run a self-test at about 6 mph after engine start. If the computer sees a problem during the test, the lights will illuminate and the system will be disabled. Are there any symptoms other than the warning lights?
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