Q: check engine and vsc and vsc off light on on 2002 Lexus SC430

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All three lights on simultaneously. Car had trouble starting for the first time ever and when I engage the gas it immediately shut down. Please help
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I had this same thing happen and it turned out to be a gas cap that wasn't closed properly after refueling (the check engine light). The two VSC lights came on supposedly because a battery had recently been replaced and I was told that the system needed to be recalibrated which was done and I haven't had a problem since.

The check engine light could be several things, however. You should have the shop check the codes. The VSC will automatically be shut down by the computer if anything abnormal occurs. Probably, once you get the check engine issue resolved, the VSC will resolve itself. Once, my car started overheating and the VSC shut down automatically. Once i resolved the overheating, the VSC worked fine.

I hope this helps.
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