Q: changing my oil pump...and i have a chatter on 1994 Mazda B4000

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i have a lifted single cab b 4000, do i absolutely have to pull the motor to change my oil pump? i already put thicker oil in and changed the sending unit....also i have a loud chatter at about 3k RPMs, lifters maybe?
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My book shows 6.9 to 7.1 hours depending on the transmission and says " R and I engine where necessary " Better do a mechanical oil pressure test before trying to change the oil pump, A shop would install a mechanical pressure gauge to test for proper pressure
Yep, very involed job. make sure the diag is correct before performing this repair. it may be more than just the oil pump.

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Great How are you doing? Just picked up a Saginaw trans to put in the GTO It came with a 4speed So we're putting it back to stock.