Q: Center Consule Cup Holder & Storage Box on 1999 Toyota Camry

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Hum ... I have a screw missing from the cup holder/storage between the seats in front ( which slopes it downward ) it look hard to get too.
Any advice ? also , might sound dum but how do I put the screw in for the floor mat , I have the mat / I have the screw but the screw somekind of holder/washer like thing on it. Do I need to go unser the car ?
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The floor mat hook just screws into the floor of the car by hand. Clockwise to tighten and anti clockwise to loosen.
To replace the missing screw its probably necessary to remove a similar screw in the center console and see if a local hardware store has a similar fastener. If its just a screw they will have it. If it is a threaded screw/bolt it will be metric and may be harder to find.
It may even be quickest to go to the Toyota dealer and identify it on a parts slide it is probably 50 or 60 cents.
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