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Q: CEM FAulty on 2000 Volvo S40

Recently my Volvo 2000 S40 headlight (lowbeam) out, and dealer told me that CEM is faulty and i need to replace that, and the cost of it is half of the car value around 800 + labour, can some one help me that to find use one or if i get it can i install my self, does it require any programming?
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For those questioning the replacement of their CEM with a used one, it is completely doable. The dealership told me I needed a new one after my driver's side low-beam went out. They also told me I could not use a used one because they're married to the car. If you think about it, all 2000 S40's were programmed the same way so to replace the CEM with another from the exact model shouldn't cause any problems. I picked one up off ebay. It is very easy to locate and took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. A total of 6 screws needed to be taken out. Location is under the steering column on the upper left side. You will see the sticker that says "C.E.M" and the part number. The number has since been replaced so don't be alarmed if you buy one with a different number. Just be sure it's the replacement number (you can ask the dealership for the numbers). Plugged the new one in and the light (and all other electronics) worked fine. Save myself $1,100.
these cem units are infact able to be swapped from car to car as long as its same year.the part number does not even need to be same,i tested 3 different part numbers on my 2001 v40 and they all worked perfect .
its really had me baffled when the driver (uk) headlight went out and i tried everything from changing bulbs fuses relays etc and even the headlight itself still nothing.then borrowed a cem unit and presto it now works.
these units control all the lighting on these cars but it baffles me why only one headlight goes out .
anyway save yourself loads of money after reading this and swap yours because theres no fear ,just make sure your ignition is off when you swap it!
I just got my used cem in the mail today.... How do I put it Onondaga a 2003 volvo s40? Thanks..
I don't believe you can install a used CEM, and you can install one yourself but it will need to be programmed. I would ask the dealer about installing a used one, I believe once the CEM has been programmed to a vehicle it belongs to that vehicle forever.
You can install a used CEM. A used CEM is already programed so you won't need to change anything. That is as long as your not getting a compatible one that hasn't been programmed. In that case you will have to have it programmed.
You can install a used CEM. I performed this installation using a CEM from an identical model in a salvage yard. The dealer wanted to charge $750 for a new CEM. I obtained the one from the salvage yard for $50. It works great and took about five minutes to replace.
In my 2000 V40 the erratic lights were repaired by replacing the CEM with a used one. Now the door locks are erratic. The CEM is diagnosed to have failed. What do experienced folks think of that explanation?
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