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Q: carbuation? on 1996 Dodge Dakota

I took the air filter off and the truck started right up. I put it back on, it runs for a while and then it cuts off. I take the air filter off, and it turns right on. The filter, and my plugs are new. Can I get some help, please.
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It sounds to me, based on what you describe, the first thing I would do is replace the air intake filter.
However, you just said that the filter and the spark plugs are both brand new. Obviously, that narrows down the line of thought somewhat. Now, it is for sure a problem with the air intake to the engine. That being said, I
can base a fairly decent story off of what you are describing to me. It is possible that the wrong air cleaner was purchased and the new one that you have now is starving the engine of oxygen, and eventually killing the the engine. However, this is an extremely long shot, and I highly highly doubt that this is the case.
More than likely, what I believe may be causing your issue,z is that somehow dirt and debris slipped past the old air intake filter and is now lodged in the engine's air intake duct work somewhere before the air actually getting through the intake manifold and is starting to become ingredients for the engine's cylinder combustion.

Also, if I am not mistaken, mass airflow sensor can cause similar problems when it fails, just like you are describing with the symptoms that you are facing with your vehicle. I am not real sure about this theory. I am not even 50% sure that this theory is the true one. However, I do know that when a mass airflow sensor fails and goes bad, they can cause some very strange things to happen and in some causes make a vehicle completely non operational. It Might be worth a shot to check nto that too if you otherwise cannot isolate the problem.
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