Car won't start after engine is warm. on 2005 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG

After the car has been driven to normal temps and then shut off, after resting for 30 minutes it starts but runs very rough and goes into "limp" mode. It has been to the dealer three times for this issue. The coil packs check out fine, fuel pump replaced, ECM replaced and aux water pump replaced. Still have the issue. Each time this happens, the check engine light comes on. Only happens when it's warmed to operating temp and sits for more than 15 minutes. Cold starts are fine.

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If the dealer had no luck while actually testing and working on the car, we can't do any better by guessing at it! Don't think anybody else would be,.Able2.... Sorry.... However I'll bet ya someone will surely try to give you 'SOME KIND' of a useless answer!!
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Crankshaft position sensor,,,,,DIY $40.00