Q: car wont shift into park or start when in park on 1997 Ford Mustang

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i have a automatic 97 mustang that does not start in does start when put in neutral.the shifter is hard to move through the gears also.when i turn off car i leave in neutral and apply parking brake.then wait a few hours restart car in neutral and it will shift into park to allow me to remove the keys.then in the am it will not start in park only in neutral and this has been going on for about a week.
(1) Answer
This sounds like your gear selector switch is worn out in the Park phase which prevents you from cranking the engine and that is why the engine starts in neutral. These switches can become temperature sensitive when they malfunction. As for increased effort to move your shift lever, that sounds like a worn shift cable, which may also prevent the switch from aligning properly to enable starting in Park.