Q: Car will stars and immediately shut off. on 1996 Chrysler Sebring

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I recently replaced the transmission, I had a really bad water leak that would flood only the passenger side. The battery jumps then when the car is on without being started all the interior lights stay on the hazzard lights blink and there is a red light in the dash that ticks. we started removing fuses to see if something was draining the battery but it still shuts off. the spark plugs have oil on them as well. Is this a electrical problem, are the spark plugs misfiring, or is it a fuel valve issue?
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Really the best thing to do is to start by pulling the Check Engine Codes, there is usually a code that will help you determine what the problem is. I am not clear when you say that the battery jumps when the car is not on, could please explain that a bit further? Then I will do my best to help you some more with your problem.