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Q: car will not start when hot on 1999 Ford Taurus

car will not start after runing while in hot weather. If I let it set for about 45 minutes it starts. This only happens when weather is hot. I changed the spark plugs but this did not help
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What is the symptoms when it wont start? Does the engine crank over? Does it crank over and not start? Do you have lights on in the dash?
my 2003 taurus is doing the same. engine doesn't even crank over. The warmer the weather gets the more this happens. Coolant was low and I filled it. gauge doesn't say I'm overheating, but engine needs to cool down before I can start car again. Mechanic replaced starter 3 weeks ago, but problem is still there. I would love some suggestions
Starter and solenoid have both been replaced and problem still exists. Thanks for your suggestions, but this is turning out to be a very frustrating problem. Every time I stop the car I have to raise the hood to cool down whatever needs cooling down. Wait 5 minutes and car starts just fine. Each time I stop to do an errand I have to repeat same procedure.
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. We're ready to pull our hair out because we have a Ford Mechanic we know personally that can not diagnose this issue. This only happens when the weather is warm or hot. Never happens in the cooler months. Autozone techs said it could be the following: coil pack, temp sensor, water pump, or crank sensor. We just changed the coil pack and temp sensor and today I waited 4 hours for it to start. I got up this morning went to AutoZone to get the part, then to walmart to get a couple things, post office and my last stop is when I went outside and it refused to start. This has been the same senerio summer after summer with no resolution. This began the summer of 2008. At first we thought it was bad gas we were getting. Then we realized if we let it sit for an hour or so it took right off. Engine sounds great. No stuttering, just purrs when she finally gets going.

Today it was over 90 degrees outside and I just can't trust this car. I went to Auto Zone and purchased the crank sensor and plan on changing that. If that does not FIX this car then I'm thinking of getting rid of the car. This is frustrating when your stranded for hours. It's like a part has to cool down then click it starts. I'll let everyone know if replacing the crank sensor did the trick. I've had a lot of input on this car and NO real solutions. There seems to be a lot of people with the same ISSUE. Ford needs to take a look and do something about it. Our family came from a FORD background, but my faith in Ford is almost ZERO.
My daughter was having the same problem with her 98 taurus. I decided to swap the starter. Inside the box for the stater I found a technical bulletin. This is what it said: Ford has determined that corrosion in the last 4 inches of the vehicle S-terminal lead may have been the cause of or could result in a "NO CRANK" condition. The new starter has a 6 inch lead attached with a crimp splice at the end.
i would guess this would be the ignition module, i have a saturn and a 79 ford ltd which in hot weather will be running fine and bam it quits after about 45 minutes or longer sometimes a shorter period it will start , took me a while to figure out but i keep three on my fords fender well and when it quits i plug in a another module and it'll start every time ford , pontiac and a few others will do this when the ignition module gets hot, the others are all behind the coil packs on the side of the motor or tranny and are heck to change but will fix your problem, kenny. and yes i have a old hot rod camaro that will just not start after the starter gets hot , had a bad winding i have had silinoid to get hot and not kick over until it cooled but only on older chevies i have owned..
From what you state it sounds like the starter-solenoid to me. Do a google search on the following words and you will be well informed:

car starter solenoid

I had a 65 Chevy Malibu years ago that no matter what once it was run I had to wait at least a half hour for the starter cool down or crawl under and bypass the starter by putting a screwdriver across the two bolts and start it that way. Really sucked when all dressed up and out somewhere and if you accidentally forgot and shut it down if you were not staying long. In spite of this being a street rod it still did the same thing not start when the starter heated up and for some cars you need to run high performance or possibly someone put in the wrong one if bought used and some can even be bought new and not work or work a short time and die out too. Mine was a street rod and gas was not cheap to run in it even though the cost of gas was cheaper then so having a good starter made all the difference. All things being relative!

I surmise it to be your starter solenoid and on some vehicles they are seperate and some internal to the starter. is a great site for cheap reliable parts, I have bought from them and no complaints and better warranties also that the local stores do not give. Even if not buying from them their dropdown parts finder is well worth the checking out of their site to locate your exact model or parts needed.

Best of luck in getting your answers as quickly as possible!
my 91 Taurus had this problem. finally it just would not start again. In this case the mechanic replaced THE COMPUTER. It is located under the glove compartment. also there is a related part in front of the radiator. he used parts from a junkyard car and it cost near $400.
I had the same problem for about four years now. I replaced everything related to starting a car. Finally, a cool down no longer worked any more, so I had it towed to my mechanic and it turns out to have been a bad fuel pump. Hallelujah!!!
I had my mechanice look at our ford taurus that is having this exact same problem while it was doing it and he says it is the fuel pump....we have tried EVERYTHING ELSE....hopefully this will work.
well, I know what the fix is. the problem is that I don't know where to buy the lighter spring. when the selonoid gets hot the stock spring will not engage the flywheel. the fix is a lighter spring. I have the same problem on my 383 stroker and though that it was because of the high compression, but was told that it's the bendix spring being to strong. I just called the gm dealer and was told that they no longer have the lighter springs. let me know if anybody finds where to buy one.
i have a 1991 toyota corolla and im having the same prob..check the coil pack if it gets hot it will shut it down after it cools it will restart
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