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(2005 Ford Taurus)
in Jackson, MS on November 20, 2010
I just had a A/C compressor, an accumulator, a belt and a fuel pump put on my 2005 Ford Taurus. Before the parts went bad every thing was fin on my vehicle. Since the new parts have been installed I have had several problems. First: I now can hear the compressor when it cycles if the heat or air is running (produces a loud click). Second when the heat is on and the car is at a stand still it will jump and idle down in between each compressor cycle. Third: When trying to use the defrost u can hear and feel the system is on but it is not blowing enough to actually defrost my windows. Fourth: My engine and fuel cap lights are on. The mechanic who did the work on the car is saying that there is just a leak in the A/C system or a blockage causing the problem and he is unsure what is causing the problem with the engine light reading but it is pointing to an emission problem. Every day since the repair I am having new problems that didn't exist before. Can some one PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me! Any advice will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
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on November 20, 2010

I have many questions after reading your thorough post.

The compressor being noticed now moreso than ever before sounds as if there is still an AC issue. The compressor and accumulator was replaced - anything else? Orifice tube is the first item I think of. If it hasn't been replaced, it should have been. Also, what was the failure of the original compressor?

The clicking when cycling is normal, but if it is excessive and too noticable, it could be a pressure issue. The idle variation is because of the load on the compressor as well.

As far as the defrost issue -- is there not enough air blowing? Or is there air, but poor dehumidifying?

Last...the check engine and fuel cap light are very likely directly related to an evaporative emissions system leak. This is due to your fuel tank removal and fuel pump removal for the pump replacement. Something is not sealed correctly upon reassembly.

I'm unfortunately really feeling that your mechanic may have not really done you as well as he should have for either repair. If you can fill me in on more about what your concern was initially with the AC and fuel pump, it could help fill in some holes and give you some further direction.
on November 21, 2010
I'm not sure why the original compressor failed he never explained all that to me. The orifice tube was replaced at the time everything else was done. The mechanic is telling me that the NEW problem with the a/c system is either the condensor or the evaporator. I understand the cycling noise is common but I don't think it should be heard from your doorway when the car is running. Maybe I'm basing everything on how my car used to sound and run but I never heard my compressor or anything else before the repair. As for the defrost issue if you place your hand on the vent you can feel the heat is on, but its is not blowing enough to reach the windows. Example: I'm in my car on a cool night, there is like a morning frost on the windows, I sit with my defrost on full blast for 30 minutes and nothing. I eventually just used my winshield wipers to remove th frost. Now for some reason my rear defrost isn't working either, all these things worked fine before the repairs. I'm not sure how all these things tie in together but I know what my car was like in the begining. Even with repairs I'm not expecting it to be just like when I first bought it but it shouldn't be that far off either if it still has majority of all the original parts. Thank u for the help.
on November 21, 2010
If your air conditioning compressor failed catastrophically and sent debris through your lines and other components, then you could indeed be looking at an unresolved restriction somewhere. If the old orifice tube was completed full of debris when it was removed, there is likely debris elsewhere too. This could mean you could have an evaporator restriction, which can also be why your air flow situation at your defrost could be weak. Possibly. There are a few other things that could make your air flow weak, but I'm sticking to what seems plausable based on your repairs.

All that said, the clicking and cycling may be characteristics of your new (probably rebuilt) compressor components. I'm assuming your mechanic also replaced the compressor clutch, field and pulley too. That would be pretty natural when replacing your compressor.

Not every shop has an air conditioning system flush tool which would try to remove debris that has been spread through your system. In this case, a filter kit would be installed to prevent debris from spreading if some is still in the system.

The rear defrost is an electrical grid that stands alone from your air conditioning system, so I'm not sure what is going on there - check fuses first, if the light does not come on. If it does, circuit testing would be needed at the grid on the rear window.

I understand your concerns and do believe there are some issues that should still be resolved by your mechanic. Good luck. Keep us updated if you will.
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