Q: car stopped moving forward or reversing on 2003 Mini Cooper

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driving up medium grsde road, engine revved up, car stopped moving forward and started rolling backward. Have dual transmission, was in automatic mode. tried the shift mode - no go. No noise was heard, no fluid leak, no smoke, no parts falling out of bottom of car.
Had car towed home, tow driver said he heard a clicking noise near the driver's front wheel, maybe an axle broken? Steering was fine with engine running, but no movement. Is this definitely a transmission problem? DO you know of a dealer within 50 miles of 30513?
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It does sound like a transmission problem, at least from the info you have given so far.

Why not call Mini? There should be a customer phone number in your owner's manual.
Thanks. I may try that. The closest mini dealer - 70 miles away - said they have to see it to diagnose it and I agree. However, the prospect of towing it 70 miles to and 70 miles back (if the cost is more than I want to put into an 8 year old car with only 58,000 miles on it) is not a pleasant thought.