Q: Car starts up great and idles perfectly but is very slow on 1995 Volvo 850

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The car has 150k miles on it. It starts and idles fine but it just is so slow or sluggish until it reaches cruising speed then it's fine. It occurs everytime I start to drive the car. Any suggestions?
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Check all the big intake hoses for leaks and check the diagnostic trouble codes. Post the codes here and we can better advise you.
Instructional on reading codes:
Bret, was your tranny stuck in the higher gear like my XC70? I have been told at the local specialty shop that a PNP switch is their bet for the failure to select low gear. This explains your feeling the problem was fixed once you reach higher speeds. Anyone here feel that I can buy the 120 dollar PNP switch, self-install on the lift, and be happy ever after?