Car starting issues when warm. please help!!!!
1991 Pontiac Firebird

Car starting issues when warm. Please help!!!!

(1991 Pontiac Firebird)
1991 Pontiac V8 305 F model
My firebird will start great once the engine is cold but if I drive it to the gas station and turn it off and try and attempt to restart it it won't fire back up. Battery is new and started was tested and is working. Engine cranks strong just won't start when the engine is warm. Just changed the ignition module, distributor cover and distributor cap as well was the coil pack. Before I try and restart the car I make sure the security light is turned off and also got a new key since I heard the chip in the key can go back. Plan to change out the cam shaft sensor and the engine coolant sensor. This is driving me crazy. Any help would be great and how to rule out other problems.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Once the engine is at a warm temp
How long have you had this problem? A werk
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